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keyword linking plugin for Joomla Version:0.0.1
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You can use this plugin to link all articles with specific keyword(s).


For example you want to link in one article all articles with the keyword 'computer', so you simply include this tag in your article: {kwl computer}


But if you want to link articles with a specific keywordcomposition, you also can do that!
E.g. you want to link all articles with the keywords 'computer' but not with the keywords 'Windows' nor 'Mac'. So use: {kwl computer&!(Windows|Mac)}


You see, you can us all the logic-stuff you learned in Math! Use brackets ( and ) you want to like. Use & for AND, | for OR and ! for NOT.
Also !computer is possible, as like as it can be used before brackets.


To prevent SQL_Injections, forbidden are: " ' \\


If you like this plugin, vote for it or mail me, where you use it! If you got any trouble, mail me!

Supported languages: en-GB, de-DE.


Do you have an idea to improve the plugin mail me, or just do it yourself:

A note: if you work with ecplise(php) and egit, the git-clone MUST NOT be in the eclipse workspace. Just use a sub-dir like /git/joomla-plg_con_keywordLinks


Size 4.09 KB
Downloads 372
License GNU/GPL
Created 03.07.2012 19:49:16
Created by admin
Changed at 27.03.2014 17:59:24
Modified by gu471



0 #2 kolaylezzet 2012-10-07 10:24
I believe this plugin will improve and became a central automatic link placer. That is, metakeywords is defined at a center that all the articles containing it could be easily linked to targeted article.

~edit by gu471~ just link your page if u already use the plugin
0 #1 Marcus Ullrich 2012-08-16 18:47
If you're using it on your page, please leave a comment with an URL to it. I'd like to see how u use it ;)

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